Thursday, January 26, 2017

Simple Summer Look with Antipodes Cosmetics

I've never really thought about which season I like and which I didn't, I dislike the cold and gloomy days because I spend 75% of my working hours out of the office... yet at the same time I dislike the humid and stinking hot summers.

I don't think I need to tell you guys how much I love Antipodes right? It's a re-occuring brand on my blog, it's also a brand that I would buy/gift friends and familys. We all know Antipodes as a skincare brand, but Antipodes is expanding it's cosmetics range and I am beyond excited!!

Today I want to showcase an easy breezy summer look featuring the use of Antipodes Mineral Foundation, Natural Hair Kabuki Brush and lipsticks


- Hydrating, skin-perfect foundation features Vinanza Performance Plus to reduce facial flushing and earth minerals to help balance oil production
- This foundation is lightweight and suitable for all skin conditions including normal, oily, blemish-prone and rosacea.
-Dermatologically approved for Sensitive Skin*
- Available in 4 shades (01, pale pink, 02 light yellow, 03, medium beige, 04 Tan)
- SPF 17


This foundation was very impressive! It's finely milled and does not appear cakey following application. I was quite surprised that it did not significantly highlight or enlarge my pores like most other mineral foundation (I personally feel that if the powders are not finely milled it'll accentuate my pores).

The foundation provided a very natural coverage, I have been using it on no makeup, make up days. Despite my recently tanned skin, I was surprised that 01 Pale Pink was still workable (however I would probably now suit Medium Beige).

I love using this mineral foundation during this sweltering summer weather. My face won't melt off or feel unbreathable as I do when wearing liquid foundation.

Overall, giving this formula a two thumbs up!


- Natural hair
- Even and flawless application
- Soft natural hair (cruelty free, no animal was harmed in the making!)


An adorable and travel friendly brush, although this product was made from animal hair (I think it's goat hair?) however Antipodes assure their consumers that no animals were harmed!

This brush is the perfect size to grab all minerals from the lid. The bristles are natural so they are not as soft as synthetic brushes, so you may or may not like this brush based on personal preference. However, this brush performs quite well and provides an even application.


- Available in 6 shades
- Nutrient rich avocado oil infused with lipstick
- Colour rich


The two shades I own are "Remarkably Red" which is not a true red, it has more of a purple undertone - this is my everyday go-to shade. The lipsticks are pigmented, smooth on application and fairly long lasting. I love the texture, it's not tacky, sticky or heavy, and sits feathery light on my lips. "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" is a stunning fuchsia, a colour I haven't been able to bring myself to wear!

The other thing that is worthy of mention is that these lipsticks are cruelty free without nasty chemicals so you won't need to be too concerned when you accidentally ingest some lippie on your lips!


*The products featured in this post were provided for editorial purposes, all opinions are my own.

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