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Ultraceuticals Real Visible Results 90 Days Skincare Program - IMPRESSIVE BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS!

If you have skincare concerns and you are looking for something that is truly effective, you have to read this post.

I was invited by Ultraceuticals to start my RVR90 journey on 1st of December 2016 finishing on 24 February 2017. At that time, I have vaguely heard of Ultraceuticals, however the thought of having to use the same skincare products from one brand was daunting, it's something I haven't done consistently for years.

I attended an initial consultation and was prescribed with products to suit my skin concerns, which was uneven skin tone and pores. Throughout my journey I used Ultraceuticals' products every single day, however I must admit that I did alternate between different sunscreens and cleansers from time to time, however I was diligent with using the serums and lotion every day without fail.

During this time, I received 5 facials at Ultraceuticals' counter with Tracey Beeby, Ultraceuticals Global Education Ambassador.

I used the combination/oily skincare range, I always thought I had dry skin but really it's just dehydrated, I'm still oily on my nose and I was surprised how well the combination/oily skin range worked on me!


This cleanser is designed for oily skin. It will not strip away the natural moisture of your skin and is effective in removing impurities and makeup.

I found this cleanser to be good and did a decent job at removing my makeup, it also did not dry out my skin. The gel formula lathers up for a nice deep cleanse, it comes in a 200ml bottle so it will last you a long time. Overall, a good cleanser however fairly similar to other cleansers I have used. The big bottle is very attractive though, since half of my empties are made up of cleansers.

Note: I did use this alongside a foam cleanser to double cleanse.


An ultra lightweight lotion, I never thought I'd like a lotion this much.

I used this every evening after my serum (or during the day if I'm not leaving the house), it has a non-oily and non-shiny finish. The lotion is easily and quickly absorbed, absolutely perfect for my makeup to sit on. This product smells great and applies well, I really have no complaints.


A beautiful light weight yet non oily or greasy moisturiser/sunscreen, that dries matte. Used in the morning rain, hail or shine. Once I was able to see improvements to the texture of my skin, I started use this moisturiser with a light mineral powder only, some days I was confident enough to walk out of the house with just sunscreen.


Now we are getting into the meaty part of the skincare routine.

Let me just start off by saying that this serum is incredible. I used this serum on a daily basis each morning throughout my skincare routine. Containing moderate level of AHAs and BHAs, it's also recommended for sensitive skin. After using this product for a month, I was able to see a significant difference in my skin tone and reduction in pigmentation. I was surprised by how well the serum worked alone (as I did not start to use my night time serum until a month after my treatment). There is only one con, the scent, it smells a little bit like the witch hazel I used as a teen combined with alcohol. But if the product works, I really couldn't care less about the scent.

I used the "Mild" serum in my journey. This product was used during the evening for approximately a fortnight before I started to experience some peeling and dryness along one side of my jaw. I stopped using the serum for a few days and went back to see Tracy who had recommended for me to slowly ease into this serum by using it every alternate evening. Once my dryness subsided, I started using this serum again as Tracy had recommended and did not experience any further issues to my skin. If you look at my "Before" photo closely, you can see that my forehead was quite dehydrated with fine lines (mostly from a lot of sun when I was younger).

Ultra A really plumped this area out, you can see a definitely textural change in the before and after photo below. The unevenness of the area around my cheeks also improved significantly. The scent does take some time to get use to, but as I said with the Even Skintone serum, I would rather use an effective product that may not smell amazing than a product that smells like cookies and cream but does nothing for my skin.


In total, I received 5 facial treatments at Ultraceuticals, David Jones. Prior to each facial, my photos were taken on the device above to review the effectiveness of the Ultraceutical products that I have been using at home. Each treatment session went for approximately 60 minutes.


Left: Before || Right: After

Left: Before || Right: After
To this day, I am still in awe with the results, my mum was amazed and my friends noticed a difference. Every time someone tells me that my skin looked amazing, I told them it's Ultraceuticals. I was telling people left right and centre that they must get a consultation. I have never been able to walk out of the house without makeup and feel confident, I always felt that I had gigantic pores and a lot of blemishes on my face. However during my RVR90, I started using less base makeup. I was able to walk out of the house with sunscreen and feel confident. Cost effective foundations were no longer an issue for me, I felt that my skin was so good that it really didn't matter what type of foundation I was using. Following the cessation of my journey, I literally had a box of skincare waiting to be tested and to be honest, it was difficult because I kept sneaking Ultraceuticals back into my routine.


This is an incredible deal, you can now purchase a starter pack ($199) for either oily (left) or dry (right) skin types, each starter pack includes a full sized cleanser, sunscreen, evening moisturiser...AND you get to take home a serum tailored to your skin concerns. You can redeem facial treatments through your purchase. Find Stockists here.

I don't often purchase beauty products because I have so much, but I would hand over my wallet for Ultraceuticals because I can confidently say that IT WORKS!
The products featured were provided for editorial purpose.


  1. Your skin looks great! It's always nice to discover a brand whose products actually WORK. I keep walking past the Ultraceuticals stand in David Jones & wonder whether I should give them a go at some stage.

  2. Awesome review, and it's great to see before and after pics with such a clear result, you must be stoked. I am especially interested in reducing pigmentation and improving tone . . . I must think about this.

  3. The results are amazing!


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