Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The QV Face Range and Skin Lotion Review

QV is one of the first brands to discover me on the blogsphere, while I have been sent various products, I have also been a loyal customer. I usually have two body wash in my shower which I would re-purchase time and time again, one of which is QV.

I've been so stuck on QV body wash that I decided to dedicate myself to an entire week of QV Skincare.


This is a cream cleanser, it won't lather up but it's suitable for dry and sensitive skin. This formula removes makeup nicely, however I will still double cleanse regardless of which cleanser I am using!
The formula is gentle on the eyes, but I now use micellar water to remove my eye makeup first. A great product for dry skinned gals or for winter uses.


I was surprised by the absorbing nature and creaminess of this eye cream, it did not roll off the surface of my face and absorbed within seconds. I personally feel that this is best for those who are trying to prevent fine lines. This product is not scented and very gentle on the skin. From my experience, this product was able to provide adequate hydration around my eyes upon application and throughout most of the evening as I sleep (i'm guess-timating here!), however my under eye area did not feel as plump and refreshed as my face when I used the QV night cream which I reviewed below.


This night cream is rich, easily absorbs and scent free. I have been applying the night cream over my serum, once everything is layered on, I feel that the night cream can feel quite thick on your skin. This can be rectified by using a lightweight serum and a gentle hand when scooping up the night cream. While the cream is rich, it is non-greasy and I feel that it did a good job at protecting and hydrating my skin. My skin did feel and look hydrated in the morning.

I quite liked this night cream, it's pretty good quality for such an affordable price.


A great day cream with no SPF, which means I can use it while I'm at home, yay! Again, no scent, creamy yet lightweight texture. Absorbs fairly quickly and allows my makeup to sit on top nicely. I did not experience any cream or foundation rolling off my face - like I do with some drug store skincare. Hydration was good, however I feel I need something heavier during winter - I would recommend this for summer, paired with a day time serum or those with oily/sensitive skin.


This is actually something I purchased and thought I'd throw this in the review because I absolutely love it! I have made my entire family use QV Skin Lotion following a shower. It's so gentle and absorbs beautifully without feeling greasy. I have mini sized versions of this (and the body wash) for when I travel, because hotel soaps and lotions are just... no...

*These products were provided for editorial purpose


  1. I was lucky enough to win a selection of the QV Products a few weeks ago and I am thrilled. They are all so very lovely and look after my sensitive skin so well. Excellent to get my skin through the Winter months but I feel they will be great during the Summer as well. Heat and constant humid weather can also take its toll.

  2. I love these so much!! The Ultra Calming Moisturiser is one of my favourites! I always have a stash of QV in my drawer for when my skin is playing up xx

    Laura || www.thelifeoflaura.com.au


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