Sunday, July 23, 2017

Optically Glasses Online - Jorgio Tortoiseshell Glasses (JO8818 C02)

Earlier this year I experienced daily headaches and eye strains from work-related computer use. I was recommended to purchase low prescription glasses.

Glasses never appealed to me until I went glasses shopping, I finally discovered this phenomenal fashion statement.

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Optically, an Australian online platform providing both quality designer glasses and prescription sunnies.

I spent hours browsing Optically as there were such an amazing range of glasses online! There were so many styles, frames and brands to chose from (I recommend a good after dinner browse with a cup of tea), from metal frames to no frames. However, I could not go past Jorgio's... tortoiseshell frames with gold arms and nose pad. I absolutely adore these glasses, the glasses came in an unlabeled case with a lens cloth.

Service was good as my order arrived within a 4 days after the order was placed, the package was sent via registered post and left with a local depot for collection rather being left at the door.

The range is impressive, each pair includes prescription lenses and coating. I purchased my first pair of glasses from a store and it costed cost to $300 for lenses and coating. So Optically is delivering an absolute bargain. They also offer free home trials - just in case you want to see what the frame looks like on your face.

Do you wear glasses?

*Glasses provided for editorial purposes.

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