Saturday, October 28, 2017

2 Step At Home Spa Treatment with Natura Siberica + Discount Code

I recently went for a full spa treatment, it's a little annual treat I have for myself.. kind of like a pat on the back for a year well done. The treatment was comprehensive from an infrared sauna (which apparently burns 600 calories in 30 mins) to a full hour body massage and facial. I thought long and hard about the facial as it set me back $90, the spa clinic was obviously trying to get me to come back on a more frequent basis with monthly facials - which is something I really cannot afford right now.

So I came home and had a look through my stash and thought, hey! I have all the products I need at home for a monthly or even a weekly facial. Today I want to showcase the two products I have been using as a pick me up after a long week of work.

24k GOLD FACE PEEL - $44.99

This pot of gold lava speaks for itself, it really doesn't get any more luxurious than 24k gold. My skin is dehydrated and prone to pores, so it's not ideal for me to use an exfoliator with granules. As a result, I have turned to my trusty peel. I like to apply this all over my face after a good deep cleanse. It's incredible what 10-15 minutes of this product can do for your skin.


I am sure we all know by now that our hands and neck show signs of ageing more rapidly than other parts of our body - mainly because we tend to neglect those areas. After I hit the age of 26 I've noticed some lines on my neck never use to be there. Since then I have ensured to moisturise my neck every single day and night. This mask provides a more intensive method of rejuvenation. I put this on the back of my hands too.

It's funny because I'm currently watching "Younger" where the main character pretends to be a 26year old in order to get a job in Publishing - here's the catch, she's actually 40. But she looks amazing, in fact, Hilary Duff at 30 looks amazing.

Since my last birthday, I have really focused more on skincare than ever before.


Don't forget, there is still a discount code for first time buyer, click here to find out more.

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