Saturday, October 21, 2017

Top 3 Must Haves for My Perfect Dressing Room ft Fanastic Furniture

For the longest time I have always wanted my own dressing space as a child, I'd flip through magazines to look at pieces of furniture that I would like in my perfect dressing room. Growing up mum never had a dressing room, she had a small dresser where she would put her makeup and perfume - that was my favourite part of the small apartment. 

I am hoping one day, to have my very own dressing room and wanted to show you guys my top picks from Fantastic Furniture


As a beauty junkie, storage is extremely important. I went a long time without storage and it was a bit of a nightmare having all the products sitting in boxes and bags. It was just a mess. I actually have a 5 drawer tall boy at home and it's been an absolute life saver. Instead of taking out all the products from bags and boxes, I now know exactly where everything is. Organisation is key!


I have always wanted a dresser with a mirror, ever since I can remember. I would put all my most used HG products in the dresser along with makeup brushes and highly reached for accessories in the small dresser. I would love to decorate the top of my dresser with a a line of my favourite perfumes. The mirror is really just a bonus, nothing like a big mirror used to get ready in the morning. It makes such a big difference. 


My final selection is an arm chair and I felt the Wing Arm Chair was the perfect selection and it looks super comfy. We had an arm chair when I was a child and it was my favourite chair to sit on, I remember to have demanded to sit on the arm chair to have all 3-meals, mum had no choice and caved. I can't wait to get a proper arm chair for my dream dressing room!
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