Saturday, June 23, 2018

$240 EYE CREAM!!!

When I was a teen, I told my mum that I'd be satisfied using $3 face creams for the rest of my life. That was of course until I discovered Sisley and added 2 extra digits into the figure. Sisley is well known for their luxurious and high quality skincare, I was head over heels with their Black Rose Cream Mask, it is now a staple in my travel kit.

I attended Sisley's product showcase a little while ago, one product peaked my interest. So, today, I wanted to chat to you guys about Sisleya Eye and Lip Contour Cream and why it is so special.

  • A powerful anti-ageing product that works to fight wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.
  • Rich in plan extras and vitamins, especially with the use of Persian Acacia and Lindera extracts, combined with Yeast and Soy protein Complex to fight under eye wrinkles. The use of Atlas Cedar extract and Pomegranate fermented extract to help reduce the blue and brown colouration of dark circles.
  • Effectively maintains skin's hydration, elasticity and toned appearance under eyes or around the lips.
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkes
  • Helps fight against dark circles and under eye bags
  • Immediate contoured results with areas becoming firmer and more toned.
  • You can find dynamic duo on Sisley's website 

Prep your skin with the massager (See video instruction by Sisley here) followed by cream application.

  • This is an eye and lip contour cream, but I have mainly been using it under eyes, it's one of my biggest areas of concern.
  • I have tried a handful of eye creams and I can tell you right now there is a huge difference between a $40 eye cream, $100 eye cream and a $240 eye cream. The common issues I found with more affordable eye creams as follows: 
    • Does not sit well under foundation 
    • Tend to roll off once dried
    • Forms millia under my eyes
    • At time causes redness or irritations
    • Does not absorb well
  • The texture and consistency of this eye cream is lightweight yet creamy and applies with absolute ease. It sits beautifully under my eyes and under foundation/concealer. No irritations and no millia. I have not experienced this level of smoothness from any other eye cream - it's like silk. 
  • I find it really difficult to use this eye cream on a regular basis, even though this was a gifted sample, it's so luxurious and I don't want it to ever run out!!! Which is why I have been using it pre-events because it sits ever so comfortably under my makeup allowing the area to look absolutely flawless and lightweight. 
  • Since my blogging journey, my skin's been pretty spoiled with a variety of skincare products. A $240 eye cream is a splurge item, for me anyway, but I know many ladies who are in a comfortable place in life where they are able to purchase one of everything from a luxury range. I personally think this is a good investment because of the limited edition gold plated massage tool that you cannot purchase anywhere else. It maintains it's naturally cool temperature in room temperature without refrigerating and very easy to clean with tissue or a wash. I went from putting packets of frozen peas under my eyes to using the massage tool, big difference. No more frostbite feels and this tool will last forever. I have been using Sisley for a while now and have quite a few of their products, they never cease to amaze me. 
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