Saturday, February 23, 2019


For a few months I was sleep deprived, anxiety-ridden and extremely stressed. I did both meditation and Yoga, they were calming but was not able to turn my mind off before bed time. That's when I started to experience with Aromatherapy. A few years ago, I would've brushed off the concept and think "As if that will work". Now I use essential oils on a daily basis, I like to try different blends from different companies because every blend is different and have different effects.
As with anything, you really need to allow your olfactory system to take in the full effect of how the scents can alter your state.


Every now and then I would come home from work in a foul mood. I become anxious, paranoid, angry or restless. I'd slip into a mood that may take days to escape from. I found the right aromatherapy concoction to alter my mood almost instantly - from being head down, bogged in a hole to a more lifted and positive outlook. I often feel more productive and tend to come up with more ideas rather than ruminating on bits of rubbish. I am currently using Yuni Zenicure Facial Oil (skincare infused with essential oils) + Uma Energy as well as Aromattherapy Associates Support Equilibrium for my mood.


Have you ever felt so restless and jittery that you just want to sit down, sit calm and empty your mind? I have been using aromatherapy to assist with relaxation and micro meditation/self awareness. I practised meditation (30minute blocks) for a month, it was an experience but it wasn't for me. I found micro meditation/relaxation blocks (2-3 minutes) after my yoga practise to be extremely beneficial. For a few weeks in a row, our yoga instructor massaged our temples with aromatherapy during the relaxation period. I felt calmed, more stable and more grounded. At the moment, I have been using a Oil Garden Stress Relief  + Uma Pure Calm and Pure Bliss on rotation.


Sleeping has been tough in the past couple of months. I can't seem to adjust my body clock. Going to bed at midnight, unable to sleep and getting up at 6am during mid cycle sleep. I felt constantly tired and constantly sluggish. I have started applying aromatherapy oil on my temples, wrists, behind my ears and on my neck to help me relax and fall asleep. My favourite blends before bed is Uma Rest, Uma Calm and Oil Garden Sleep Assist.


My partner suffers from horrendous migraines, it can get so bad that he throws up and become almost bed bound. After I have been using aromatherapy for a while, I decided he should try it when he is in pain. One day, I laid him down on a yoga mat and applied a Aromatherapy Associates Support Equilibrium on his wrist, behind his ears and on his temple. Note that it won't stop or magically cure the migraine but it did help him to deal with the symptoms and relax.

The products I have featured are items that I have been using on rotation:

Aromatherapy Associates Support Equilibrium
Uma Wellness Oil Trial Kit
Oil Garden Sleep Assist
Oil Garden Stress Relief
Yuni Zenicure

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