Thursday, May 16, 2019


I can't believe we are half way through may and almost half way through 2019! Where is the time going?! We have been extra busy with trying to sort out the apartment but I finally have some down time to play with products. Today I want to go through the launch of REPLAY fragrances in Australia. Replay is renown for their innovative fashion - jeans in particular.

Replay was established in 1978 and had expanded to areas such as fashion and jewellery. Replay had most recently created a collection of fragrances to complete their fashion and style portfolio.

This beautiful Signature Secret was created in collaboration with Mavive. A beautiful feminine fragrance with a luxurious finish. This bottle is a work of art on your vanity.

This fragrance is made up of fresh petitgrain and sweet pear with jasmine as it's heart notes. Bottom notes are sealed with white flowers, making this fragrance beautifully fresh, sophisticated and unique. 

I fell in love with Replay the moment I saw it. The bottle and floral artwork was exquisite. A lot of thought was put into this bottle. The perfume lasts for the first half of the day, I am not one to re-spray myself so whatever I leave with in the morning, is it. I have been using a lot of sprays that will only survive for the first hour, so I am pleased. If you are lookig for a longer lasting fragrance, try their Eau De Parfum. You can find more fragrances from Replay here.

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