Thursday, June 20, 2019


Short stumpy lashes? This post is for you. 

I have lashes, but they are not as long as I would like them to be. My lower lashes are not as full as I'd like them to be either. I have tried a couple of lash enhancers, but the brushes were always too thick and I end up with styes - ew. 

Long Lashes Eye Lash Enhancer contains vitamins, peptides and antioxidant to help stimulate, strengthen and condition your eyelashes. Their ingredients are vegan, hormone free, gluten free and cruelty free. 

I actually had no idea that a lot of the lash enhancers on the market are pumped with hormones.... that's a bit disturbing. 

Long Lashes is suitable for those with eyelash extensions, if you have brittle damaged lashes, pale thin lashes, sparse lashes or menopausal.

You won't find the following nasties in Long Lashes: Hormones, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Sulphates, Phthalates, Sodium Chloride, Palm Oil, Ethanolamine Compounds, Gluten or Artificial Colours.

If you want to support a great Aussie owned and made brand and a product that actually works - try Long Lashes.

I noticed a difference in my lashes just after a week of using, I noticed my lashes to be stronger and fuller. I would always get fall outs when I remove my eye makeup - serious casualties. I've noticed my fall out to have decreased dramatically after using Long Lashes. I've always had lashes, but they weren't as defined, after approximately 11-12 weeks of use my lashes looked more defined, thicker and longer than usual. With age.. my lashes became quite thin. My lashes looks more luscious now and plentiful. I have one eye with great lashes and the other with very mediocre lashes, I below is my mediocre eye lashes transformed. 

I will definitely continue to use longer lashes as I have a wedding coming up, I need longgggg lashes!

You can find Long Lashes here for $89AUD

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