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  • Enriched with superfood greens - Avocado oil, Aloe Vera and moisture-enhancing actives to protect against dehydration while green tea extract protects the skin's surface from free radicals. 
  • Dark is one of the darkest tans on the market and Ella Bache's darkest tan yet. With 12% DHA. It applies with a violet base guide tan to provide instant colour, ensures deep flawless tanning results and long lasting colour with no fake tan smell. 
  • Super light weight, easy to apply tan that dries in minutes. 
  • Won't transfer onto clothes or sheets. 
Price $29 for 150ml


  •  No fake tan smell? It's true. The scent is very minute, I was only able to smell a minor scent if I put my nose onto my arm immediately post tan. It's so refreshing and pleasant not to smell like fake tan after tanning!
  • It was indeed easy to apply, I used a regular tanning mitt and the mousse went on with ease. 
  • The colour was instant. As soon as the mousse was rubbed in using the mitt, I was able to see where it had applied, making things a lot easier. 
  • No streaking (that line on my left thigh is a massive scratch that went darker after the tan) and no orange mess. Thank goodness. I have used tanning products that streaked or left me looking extra orange. Take care when applying around the elbows, knees and ankles. 
  • After one coat, I looked like I had a nice tan. I think it's buildable but I can't comment on whether this is the darkest tan I have ever used. I think there are darker tans out there but I am about 2 shades darker post application and it's a very pleasant colour after one application. 
  • I didn't feel as sticky as I did with some tanner immediately after application, but I was able to feel the tanning product on my skin. I just sat on a stool for 15-20 minutes and went back on the couch shortly after. 
  • After 20 or so minutes, I put my clothes back on and only noticed a tiny amount of transfer on the white waist bands of my pants. No other transfers noted. 
  • The only negative thing I can pick out is that some of the residual mousse gets left in the pump and can leak if you have the tanner lying around. Make sure it's placed standing upright after use.
  • Tan lasted for approximately 4-5 days
  • Overall, very pleased with this self tanner. I love the colour and have received compliments on how natural it looks. I think I might use this for my wedding.  
You can purchase Great Mousse here.

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  1. I will try it out. The before after pic is amazing.
    Tina Wimpernverlängerung


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