Saturday, September 28, 2019


September Joah Box is here!!! I have been stalking Joah Box's Instagram for their sneak peak, I usually don't get this excited about subscription boxes but for the love of K-beauty, I am excited!! Joah Box is shipped directly from Korea with carefully curated products.

This month's theme is Shiny Nights of September. 

Let's unbox!

The hero product of this month's Joah Box is Atrue Origin Moisture Relief Cream $33 it is a moisturising cream with cica-recovery complex extracted from Asiatic pennywort. This cream is highly recommended for calming irritated skin or daily use on normal to sensitive skin. This product does not contain any parabens or phenoxyethanol. The cream itself is super light weight, non greasy, non tacky and absorbs almost instantly! I am very impressed with the cream and I think it's UNDER- HYPED. I did a search and could not find any review online. How can such great product be missed?!

I received Sebum Out Deep Cleansing Stick a super cool dual-stick with a charcoal cleansing stick on one end and a silicone brush on the other. The is the perfect product for a gentle exfoliation to remove blackheads, whiteheads and other surface debris. The charcoal stick itself smells minty, I experienced a cooling effect on my skin. The silicone brush also provided a bit of facial massage. If you didn't receive this item, the alternative was a W.Lab's Moist Fit Strobing Cream. I prefer what I have received!

When I saw Joah Box's sneak peak, this was hands down the most exciting product in the box, for me anyway! I have heard so much about Etude House, the quality of the eyeshadow and pigmentation. This is their Satin Fit Eyeshadow and the shade I received is Creamy Ale, a beautiful shimmery shade. The eyeshadow itself is pigmented and beautifully creamy. Etude House is living up to it's expectations.

 Sally's Box Friendly Collagen Eyepatch was also included in this month's both. I always love under eye patches and I honestly cannot get enough of this. This would be a great set for traveling.

Last but not the least is a Whitening Comma Mask from I'm Sorry for My Skin this would be a great mask for those who likes a brighter complexion. I am always on the hunt for bronzy looking skin so I will probably pass this mask on. But I always love seeing sheet masks in boxes.

I personally liked this box, there's only 1 product I will pass on, the rest seems to be of high quality. I still prefer Joah Box to a lot of the other beauty boxes.

The total value for this box is $61.50. Joah box is $35.95 for a one off box here.

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