Interesting Flicks

Too much time on your hands? Me too. Here's a compilation of films and TV shows I personally give credit to. I'll spare my time and yours by not writing out a list of Marvel movies. But I'll keep adding to this list. Click for the trailer!


1. Lost

2. Breaking Bad

3. Game of Thrones

4. Orphan Black

In random orders...

1. Being John Malkovich

2. Requiem For a Dream

3. Thumbsucker

4. I Heart Huckabees

7. Hansel and Gretel (Korean Version)

6. American Beauty

7. Gattaca

8. Adaptation

9. Be There or be Square

10. Three.. Extremes

11. Donnie Darko

12. Adam

13. About Schmidt

14. Borat

15. Pan's Labyrinth

16. Shame

17. Delicatessen

18. American Psycho

19. The Room

20. Boys Don't Cry 

21. I'm a Cyborg, but that's ok

22. My Neighbour Totoro

23. Star Wars Trilogy

24. Predestination

25. Clerks

26. The Dark Knight

27. The Dark Knight Rises

28. Muholland Drive

29. Melancholia



  1. I love Totoro!!!!!! What's your favourite Anime? Atm, I'm loving cute Anime like Totoro, Ponyo and Spirited Away

  2. You gotta try Person Of Interest. I think you'll love it.


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