Update: June 22

I've finished all my exams last week but i got my download back today yay!

Theres not much to update other than I've been spending a lot ... eating out, buying stuff i don't need etc.... and well... receiving no income.

I lost my therapist job because i didn't have a car lol.. i know. crazy. Oh well.. it's kinda hard to buy a car without a stable income... 

I'm pending on a job with Shiseido at the moment...
I've just been here and there, going to 21sts since everyone is turning 21 around this time of the year.....seeing old friends whom i haven't seen for over 2 years etc..

Here's a small pic of my best friend and i at a friend's bday dinner @ Zaaffran, Darling Harbour... I think i had one too many champagne and she was shy..So i had to draw a face...

PS. for those who watch Masterchef... CALLUM is so cute!


  1. lucky you, i finish exams on friday :( sigh

    Ive been religiously watching master chef, im scared its gonna be over in few weeks :(

  2. Shiseido, really? What kind of job were you applying for?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

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