August Blue and Crust Pizza

---Before I start... THANK YOU follow blogettes for wishing me a happy birthday on my previous post :) Light up my day! :):)---

I've never been a "blue" girl, I'm more of  'purple' girl.. but lately, I've been wearing a lot of blue, clotheswise and make up wise, one of the reason being that I needed a diversion from my borderline swollen post wisdom extraction left cheek. My lovely mother told me I looked sick or recently ceased my relationship a woman beater when I wear brown eye shadow. So, Hi Blue! Nonetheless, I'm a subtle person, so I don't like to over-do my eyes by piling on blue eye shadow and having my delightful father calling me a hooker every 2 mins.

Here's what I used.....

-Yup.. the ole' messy 120 palette, pigment pays off, though the sparkle kinda failed.
- Michael Todd concealer in eggshell, not my idea concealer... better as a matte highlighter/eye primer.
-CVS lash curler... even though my lashes don't curl :(
- Lancome Hypnose mascara

Enough with make up, now checking up on my 2nd love. 
Thought we'd be hip and make our own pizza from CRUST Gourmet Pizza... 
I can't remember the exact ingredients... but it was delicious
Rocket, Mozzarella,  Prawns, Lamb.... and much more :D

Crust Website (AU ONLY): Click Me

What's your favourite pizza?


  1. Great makeup look! I love the spidery eyelashes :)
    And that pizza made me SO hungry :P Thank god I have moussaka waiting for me!

    xxx irinja (

  2. Gorgeous makeup and I love that colour palette too! :D

  3. love the make-up!! it looks gorgeous on you!! xx


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