I'm 22. Blergh

Another day, another year older. I can't believe I've been breathing, walking, surviving this planet for 22 years.

Is it just me, or are birthdays over-rated now? I woke up with the "meh" attitude. Oh, although, I was looking forward to see whether I can get Ian Somerhalder to wish me a happy birthday by stalking him on twitter. No such luck.

Roughly, I spent my birthday checking facebook, checking twitter, checking hotmail, checking ebay, checking youtube, checking my uni site, checking my phone, switching on the tv to catch an ep of dr phil, only to remember it's Saturday where shows like "The Love Boat" dominate the tv station.. out of redundancy, I opened sidereal and watched the latest ep of Jersey Shore instead, whilst, of course.. abolishing my brain cells.

I then, proceeded my celebration by washing my hair out of boredom, returned to the intranet and watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid + Drag Me to Hell (<--- rubbish btw)

 So.... there's my birthday... ! I'm looking forward to being able to eat solid food in the next few days though :)

And... here's a picture of james franco looking sizzling. Hmm if only..


  1. i think as we get older birthdays do become less of a to-do, but still i must say: Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Oh to Be on a Muse: Thank you :)

  3. Aww Happy birthday Lily! May there be many more! :D

  4. Happy birthday!! :] haha and James Franco is awesome <3 have you seen planet of the apes yet?? :]

  5. Well Happy Birthday Lily, I wish you lots of great things to come your way! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
    Don't miss: A House of Harlow-esque Giveaway!

  6. Happy Birthday :). I know what you mean, the older you become the less excited birthdays are, meh.

    Sadie xx

  7. Thank you everyone :)

    I still haven't seen planet of the apes, I really want to though!! i heard GREAT reviews... could it beat the oldie?


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