Da Chang Jin Korean Restaurant - Hurstville

I love going to korean restaurants for these complimentary nibbles. We got Kimchi, some sort of pickled chilli cucumber, potatoes and eggplant.

Set D  ($19.90) was the name of the meal deal. Above is the Bulgogi that came with the set. It was lovely.

Entree trio that came with the meal deal, some dumplings, glass noodles and potato salad.
I love the glass noodles, the dumplings were ok (meat filling). I thought the potato salad was awful, it didn't taste like potatoes at all... might've been the dressing?

Service was fantastic - kudos for customer service!
Food arrived quickly. I'd go back again.

Thursday night browsing. Mother found these and recommended them to me for a "kick with impact". Then she decided to try them on, I thought they looked awesome on her.

Da Chang Jin on Urbanspoon


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