Ramen Kan - Haymarket

EDIT January 3rd 2013: I've been re-visiting Ramen-Kan continuously throughout the past month few months, I went back again yesterday and was a bit shocked with the service.
  • Prawn tempura was ordered, they gave us vegetable tempura, I had to hurl another waitress down to exchange it because the one who initially bought us the tempera stormed off.
  • 15minutes later, they bought another dish we didn't order to our table...
  • Water was dripping from the ceiling 
  • Upon the completion of our meal the waitress came to collect our empty dishes and in the process managed to spill soy sauce on my shoulder and the bottom of my coat....

Loving Ramen Kan's $3 entree menu!

 Vegetable Tempura Don w/ Salad Approx $8

Too much rice not enough tempura. Odd stuck together vegie tempura.... what the?!

 Vegetable Gyoza $3

 Agedashi Tofu $3

 Salmon Salad $3

 Chilli Takoyaki Balls $3

 Soft Shell Crab $3

 Macha Milk $3.5 I think

Mochi Balls $3.50

Green tea (red bean filling), Tiramisu (Solid cream filling)

Ramen-Kan on Urbanspoon


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