Ikea - Tempe

On that horrid 42 degrees day, we escaped to bathe in the coolness of Ikea aircon. 7min walk from Tempe station.

Went around to all the show rooms.

But my favourite part was lunch... of course.

 Salmon fillet with pesto sauce, steamed vegetables & potato medallion $9.95

Wasn't overly impressed with the over cooked salmon, but it was more or less a fancier fast food chain, I guess I need to cut them some slack. The pesto sauce and potato medallion was delicious.

Almond cake with chocolate butterscotch $4.45

Almond and biscuit crumb base, a layer of light cream topped with chocolate and butterscotch balls. I enjoyed this. You can purchase a bigger pack for approx $7.50 at their Swedish food market.

Vegetable Wrap

Swedish Apple Pie

This was overly sweet and syrupy for me, the pie itself was moist. The base, however, was a bit dry.

 Blueberry Danish

Not too bad

Pink Lemonade with Rosalia

I enjoyed this! Non-fizzy organic lemonade

The Swedish food market is located near the exit. There is also a Bistro there, where $1 hotdog is served. I bought one... rest assured, I will not be back for seconds.
BUT....I'll be back for breakfast!!

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