Nonya - Chinatown

A great alternative to Mamak. Why bother lining up for an hour?

We were seated as soon as we entered, our orders were taken promptly and our food arrived in a timely manner. Service was friendly. 

Hainanese Chicken set Approx $13

Poached boneless chicken served with ginger, chilli and soy sauce. Also came with a small bowl of chicken soup (over peppered- just the way I like it) and a bowl of chicken flavoured rice.

This was delicious, chicken was tender and flavoursome. Although there was a small piece of bone on the chicken. I'm a bit pedantic when it come and that's a big no-no.... but the dish was so good I'd go back for it again. 

Goda Goda - Approx $12-13

Seasonal vegetables, eggs and I think there were tofu puffs.. topped with warm peanut sauce - lots of flavour!

Coconut Rice $2.50

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