Review: NYX Cosmetics Lip Butter Collections + Swatches

Nyx never cease to surprise me with their colourful products, especially following my review of their  coloured mascaras. I initially received Nyx's lip butter in Tiramisu and instantly fell madly in love with the texture, shade and scent.

About the Lip Butters

- Butter soft and silky smooth
- Tastes as sweet as a sugar cookie
- Creamy sheer to medium coverage
- Melts onto your lips and never sticky

Price: $19 for a packet of 3 (featured are Brights collection and Nudes Collection)

My Verdict

  • I've thrown out my model co gloss for these. I personally feel that all the colours are extremely wearable and not sticky (not sticky in the sense that you can smack your lips together freely, but hair will get stuck on your lips during windy days).
  • The glosses smell delicious like cream frosting and cupcakes, it is also quite moisturising.
  • A slanted spongey applicator is available for an easy application, however, with the darker shades like Raspberry Tart you might need to trace the edges of your lips carefully.
  • The glosses glides on smooth and is really easy to blend, it'll stay put for about 2-3 hours and is easily removable with cleanser or a wipe...unlike some of my other glosses where my lips would continue to feel sticky after a cleanse.
  • My favourite shade is Praline followed by Raspberry Tart, Praline is about 2 shades darker than the natural colour of my lips and I'm generally attracted to deep browny and purple shades. I didn't think I'd ever wear Cupcake (Fuschia shade) as my skin tone just doesn't work well with bright pinks. However, the colour is relatively sheer yet still visible, almost like a glossy tint. I was surprised with the outcome of Cupcake and I think I'd wear it!
  • These would be great on their own or over lipsticks to add extra glossiness/colour.. Not to mention they are perfect for your purse.
  • Overall, I would highly recommend Nyx's Butter Gloss, I've seen numerous positive reviews and raves for these glosses online; I agree that they are top notch, affordable and probably as good as your high end glosses.

Video Application

*These products were kindly provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own.


  1. I do love them! And that smell is addictive!

  2. I never tried them. I actually hardly ever wear lip gloss now. I'm just not into it. But this one sounds okay ☺️

  3. I haven't these products before, probably as I don't wear a lot of glosses. I hear lots of good things about them though. Raspberry Tart is up my alley!

    xo Kat @ Katness

  4. I got these too and I'm in love! xx

  5. Raspberry Tart is my favourite. It's such a gorgeous colour.

  6. I'll have to try these. Can't believe you still had Model Co glosses.. those things are nasty! haha

  7. These are my favourite lip glosses, I do not know that they are available in sets, will have a look when I visit target next time.


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