Sunday, June 5, 2016

Empties: February to May 2016

Wow, what a weekend. Our garage experienced flooding over night and we didn't have sand bags! Fingers crossed that the weather will clear up tomorrow in time for the working week. I actually pre-wrote this post in May and had been avoiding typing due a tendon inflammation to my right arm :( Until that gets better I will probably stick to a post per week.

Well, I didn't end up finishing as many products as I would like and it took me ages to gather the empties below. Why am I so slow!!!! :(

Ego QV Shower Milk*
I was sent this product by Ego Skincare, this shower milk is different to all other shower products I have used before. It feels like a thin lotion and doesn't lather (I wish it did though!!). I had to teach my partner how to use the shower as he felt the product wasn't coming off in the shower, rather leaving a moisture layer. Personally I do prefer a shower product that lathers.

Fountain Hyaluronic Molecule and La Molecule Phyto-Collagene*
I have previously written an indepth review on these products, unfortunately it just did not do anything for me. Read full review here.

Vitamin Body Wash*
I received this in a MeMe box, this is a Korean product. A lovely pink body wash that smells like cotton candy. It's no different to other body wash.

Elucent Whitening Night Moisturiser*
This night cream is nice and thick, less is more with this product. Too much and it'll roll off your face. It has a pleasant scent and leaves my face feeling supple. Since the cream is quite thick, my face still feels moist in the morning. Instead of a whitening effect, my skin looked more dewy.

Alpha H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask
This is a lovely product, it's actually one of my first masks - this shows exactly how long it takes for me to finish up products!! Alpha H Leaves my face feeling quite smooth, however it doesn't clean out my pores as much as some of the other masks.

John Plunkett Glyco Peel
I had really high hopes for this product, however after a few weeks of use, I didn't really notice a lot of changes to my skin :( I think my skin needs salon grade peels. I stopped using the product for a few months and the texture changed, there were brown bits in the tube... so I thought it's time for the bin.

Seacret Ocean Mist Lotion
This was actually one of mum's empties. Despite our dislike for the sales assistants attacking us with creams in Westfield. Seacret actually delivers. It's a light, non greasy and hydrating. Mum loved it!!

Gatineu Refreshing Melting Scrub
This a decent scrub but I didn't experience any meting effect :/ I wasn't sure what I was suppose to experience actually. The little exfoliating particles in the scrub was gentle and didn't scratch my face. My skin did feel more refreshed following the use of this product.

Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque
I received two samples of this product. The first time I used it I left it on for ages - my bad habit with facial masques.. I feel that it'll provide more effects if I leave it on for longer. It was a big mistake, my face went bright red after washing. Second time round, I washed it off after 8 minutes and my skin felt smooth with all my pores cleared and cleansed.

*Press samples featured


  1. I hope your arm gets better soon!
    I used the Alpha-H mask a few years ago, I remember quite liking it back then, it's always so difficult to re:buy vs trying something new....

  2. I have used the QV shower milk before and found it odd being so used to lathering and bubbly shower gels, but I did like the moisturising effect it had. I LOVE the sound of that Vitamin Body Wash!! Cotton candy, sweet scents are my weakness! xx

  3. Oh no! Hope the flooding hasn't been too bad for you! How crazy has this weather been though? Seriously hope it clears up tomorrow too. I am also super slow at finishing up products too - I don't even remember the last time I did any empty post! I love both that Alpha H and Dermalogica masks, but yep definitely don't leave either on for too long! xx

    Chantalle |

  4. Hope your arm gets better soon & I hope the flooding wasn't too bad for you either. The weather has been cray-cray this past weekend!

    It takes me forever to finish stuff as well & it's a rare month where I have a lot of empties, so I just carry it over to the next month & do bi-monthly posts on them instead.

  5. I can't get into my Elucent skincare! I've tried a couple of prods from the whitening range but I'm just not feeling it. I should try the night moisturiser though. Hope your arms gets better! x

  6. I think you did great in finishing up products, especially since they're all skincare! I hope your pain in your arm goes away. I've had something that sounds similar and I couldn't even turn a door knob when it was at its worst. Get better!

  7. I hope your arm is feeling better soon!! I use that shower milk for my son because he has terrible eczema. The lack of lathering is what wins it for us, because it doesn't irritate or dry his skin out :D

  8. Hope things get better for you! We fortunately didn't have too much trouble with the rain. You still manage to finish up way more products than me. Blogger life means it's hard to stick to one thing, since I always want to trial more!

  9. I love the Liquid Gold Mask and will probably repurchase once I run out. Hope your tendon is better now x

  10. Sorry to hear about your tendon! Though it was smart of you to plan things out ahead of time. I think I prefer products that lather as well, though shower milk sounds intriguing!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  11. I hope you didn't get too many things damaged due to the flooding! It was a wet and wild couple of days! I hope your tendonitis recovers quickly too!

  12. Hope your arm heals very very soon Lily. I reckon you got through heaps last month - pretty darn keen to try the Alpha-H mask - my skin loves their Liquid Gold treatment ♥


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