Saturday, June 11, 2016

EVENT: Ego Pharmaceuticals QV Launch ft Brand Ambassador Kate Ritchie

I recently had the pleasure of joining QV's campaign launch welcoming their new ambassador Kate Ritchie. The event took place at the iconic QVB Tearoom, this is my foodie shame moment as I have never actually been to the Tearoom and only admired the photos I've seen online. I was blown away by the beautiful interior decor, high ceilings, chandeliers... like a child in a candy store. This couldn't have been a more perfect venue for the launch!

To start off, we were greeted by drinks, I had a melon tea, orange and raspberry juice. I love events as it is the perfect time to reunite with known bloggers and meet new ones.

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Following a quick mingle, we were seated at our table with a QV centre piece and seasonal fruit platters. We each had a yoghurt, honey and chia seed cup - I've been craving this all week after watching a few YouTube video about breakfast options.

We received a very informative presentation from Dr Penny Alexander who is a Dermatologist from The Skin Hospital in Darlinghurst. I have included a great slide below from Dr Alexander's presentation to assist with skin prep for this winter!

Dr Penny Alexander


 We were also treated to a Q and A session with Kate Ritchie, the new face of QV, she is as gorgeous in the media as she is in person! Kate walked us through her first experience with QV and how she fell in love with the products before she became their ambassador. Kate was such a lovely and genuine person, it was a pleasure meeting her!

All seriousness aside, let's have a look at the delicious breakfast Lauren from Ego Skincare had organised for us! For main we had twice cooked egg, black forest bake house smoked gypsy ham, brioche and salsa verde (I'm an egg and ham girl, this was DELICIOUS!!!!)

There's also a cute bottle of Glycerin pictured below, that was not eaten but I did almost pour the content in my yoghurt as I usually associate Glycerin with food and sweeteners. Glyerin is actually a key ingredient in QV products - that's why our skin feels so smooth, soft and hydrated after use :)

Yoghurt cup and fruit platter


After breakfast we head over to get our skin checked to see exactly how much hydration we have. It was on a scale of 0 to 100. I've used this twice previous on my face and both times the machine indicated I have severely dehydrated skin. Unfortunately we were unable to use this on our made up face so we had to test our body parts. I came out with a 30/100 (dehydrated skin). Looks like i'll need to lather some more moisturiser on my body!

Below was the content of our goodie bag, we were spoiled by QV!

And here's a photo of myself with Kate Ritchie. I couldn't pass this opportunity. Although my photo posture is still a work in process.

A massive thanks to QV for having me!!!


  1. So jealous I missed out! Had to turn it down as I was having my exam that day, but glad you had fun! Hope you've been moisturising like crazy since then! ;)

  2. What a wonderful event! I'd love to have heard Kate Ritchie speak. She is the perfect choice of ambassador for QV.

  3. Wow, what a divine venue, it looks amazing! I am a huge fan of QV products, I love their soap free washes, they never flare up my eczema!

    Kez |

  4. Looks like a really great an event! The food looks tops and I really like the sounds of the QV products. Also very cool you got to meet Kate Richie! She sounds lovely and genuine.

  5. This looks like it was a great event! Lucky you getting to meet Kate Ritchie too.

  6. Gosh what a treat Lily! I do enjoy their products and this looks like it was a wonderful event. LOVE the top you're wearing in the pic xxx

  7. That looked like such a fun event!

  8. Looks like a great event, what a gorgeous set up!! I love their products, they were a godsend with my son and his eczema.

  9. This looks amazing! I dread to think of how dehydrated my skin is. And that breakfast... lucky girl, haha.

  10. Great photos, seems like it was a fab event.

  11. What a fun-filled event and generous goody bag! And you got to meet Kate, how awesome!

  12. wow what a gorgeous event! The pictures of the food really made me hungry!! Would love to meet Kate and also have my skin hydration measured x

  13. I love reading event overviews, makes me feel like I was right there with you! I neglect moisturiser so often it's not funny, this is a good reminder to lather up!


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