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Biore Charcoal Cleanser, Self Heating MasK and Charcoal + Baking Soda Scrubs

This year my focus had shifted from caking on thick layers on foundation (and making myself up to the point I am unrecognisable - even though my partner feel this was never the case, I did) to ensuring I have clearer, healthy and glowy skin.

My focus is now to have clear and good skin, which means cleansing... a lot of cleansing and good skincare. I was recently sent a selection of Biore cleansing products. Cleansing items are probably one of my MOST frequently used products so I was excited to trial them.

To find which is my hero product and why, read ahead.


I have been using this product 1-2 times per week. It comes out in a grey gel like formula with small orange granules. I like to massage the content on my face with my fingers in circular motions. This product gives off a very strong minty-cooling effect, I have seen a lot of charcoal products but have not used enough of it, so this was definitely an interesting experience. I would recommend for user to avoid eye contact and ideally stop below the orbital bone. I went higher than the orbital bone once and it was so minty my eyes couldn't handle it. While I no longer experience regular break outs on my face, I would still occasionally experience acne on my back so I have been using it as a back scrub! It does help dry up my back acne but it comes back every now and then. Not sure if it's a hormonal or dietary thing.  


Baking soda is a fantastic powder, as a teenager, a lot of people had recommended me to use baking soda with honey to rid my acne. Instead I went with an aspirin mask and regretted it immediately.

This scrub is similar to the charcoal acne scrub however will not give you the same minty/cooling effect. I find this scrub to lather and bubble up better than the charcoal scrub and more gentle on the skin. I imagine this would be a good product for those with more sensitive skin.

While both products provides a decent scrub, I still need to use a chemical exfoliant to rid the dead skin that collates over the week.


I love that this cleanser come in a pump bottle, it is just easier and more convenient for me to use as I do most of my cleansing whilst I am in the shower (it's all about being efficient, right?). This charcoal cleanser will give off the a minty/cooling effect, it contains small and lesser granules than the scrub. It also foams/lathers better than the charcoal scrub. I feel that this product is more effective as a second cleanse when all your makeup is washed or cleaned off so it can reach your pores. As a cleanser I feel that it did an ok job, I liked the cooling effect and it's decent considering the price point for everyday use.


This is hands down my favourite product out of the lot. The single satchels are always a win, the pack will allow you to create a nice thick layer on your face. Once the product is nicely spread, massage with your fingers for a minute. The content self heats upon contact!! How cool is that!? The mask itself feels a little bit tacky and thick, but once I was ready to wash it off my face, I stepped into the shower and the mask washed off with ease. My skin and pores felt clean and refreshed! I wish there were more satchels in a pack, out of all products, this is my hero product.

Do you have a favourite Biore product?
The products featured were provided for editorial purposes.


  1. Really love the idea of the baking soda scrub! Great review Lily as always!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  2. I really like the self heating scrub!! also love that they are single use sachets!!

  3. I really like the Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser.

    Amy |

  4. These products sound great! Even though chemical exfoliants are a must for me, sometimes you just need to go in with a scrub to really clean the skin!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  5. I love the one minute mask! It's perfect for a quick treatment/pamper plus so nice in winter!!

    Laura || xx

  6. Really intrigued by the self heating mask! I'm inclined to buy some and especially in those handy packs!
    Isabella |

  7. I love pumps on cleansers. So much easier! I haven't tried any of these as I think my skin is too dry at the moment (a whole new ball game for me as I've always been oily) but I like the idea of using the scrub on the body!

  8. This products sounds great. Wanna try it.

  9. This sounds like an amazing range of products and they do look perfect for my acne prone skin, i will check them out.

  10. These skincare products sound great! I think I'd enjoy the minty-cooling effect as I have a mask that does that and I love it :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  11. These masks sound so fun! Heating masks are always so soothing :)

    Kate |

  12. This range sounds great! I cannot wait to try it especially the Self Heating One Minute mask!

  13. The baking soda scrub sounds so good!

  14. I like the idea of the self-heating one. It sounds great for winter!


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