Thursday, December 21, 2017

Natural Holiday Look Using Eles Cosmetics + Swatches

I can't believe tomorrow is my last day of work for the year!!!

I get a week off and I will be going to my parent's place to spend a week with them before coming back to work on the following week. YAY! I can't wait :)

I recently received some beautiful Eles Cosmetics products, I have been testing them out and my verdict is below! If you want to know more, keep reading cos there's a HG product in there!!


This is a stunning multidimensional 3 in 1 face and eye palette, contains a mineral matte bronzer in Santa Fe, mineral blush in Rose Marble, Mineral Matte shadow in Taupe Tan and mineral matte shadow in Tourmaline.

I like to tap my brush in the bronzer to give myself an overall glow. Or use my finger to single out the highlighter shade within the palette to highlight my face.

The blush is a gorgeous pink that is suitable for most skin tone, it's not too pigmented and easy to blend. I love how there's a matte and shimmer shadow in this palette, I usually always go for shimmer shades and forget how good mattes look on the lids.

The only thing about this palette is that it is quite powdery - ok let me explain, it does not look powdery at all on your face, but when you use your brush to pick up the product it gathers a lot of powder so my tip is to tap your brush otherwise you may notice a bit of fall out.


This shade was quite overwhelming when I first saw it but I couldn't help but to fall in love with this vibrant colour. During everyday wear, I have been dabbing it on my lips and blending it in with my finger for a more subtle look. One evening, I decided to just try it from the bullet and see what the full colour looks like on me. I must say I really can't make vibrant pinks work on me but the colour was so pretty I decided that I would have to find a way to make it work - I think the solution is just a simple winged eye look on a good skin day.

The lipstick is beautifully moisturising and did not dry out my lips throughout the day.


This blush goes perfectly with the lipstick in Plum Frost, it's virtually the same shade but in blush form. I am a lover of all blushes and could not wait to dig my fingers into this. I found this blush to be very pigmented - which is something I am not use to. A tiny little dab is enough for your cheeks. While it is very pigmented, it is still quite blendable. I am thinking of trying it out with a different and fluffier brush. I usually use a dense brush for blush but I think I can't do that with this blusher.

However, wear time is excellent. It remains on my cheeks or at least  visible hints of it after a long day at work.


This is HANDS DOWN the favourite product of the lot. If you had to buy one and only one product from this blog post - I would recommend this liner.

It draws on ever so smoothly and the liner does not budge, smudge or move. With my hooded eye lids, I usually get transfers... or at least a small amount. But this stays on. I think this is going in my HG stash.


Before we start, let me reiterate how my lashes are very very straight.

Unfortunately this mascara was unable to maintain the curl. Following application, it does not lengthen or volumnise my lashes as some other mascaras I have tried. It did well at separating my lashes and gave me a very natural look.

Whilst it is waterproof and did not smudge, it is removable with a general wipe, that was a plus. I'm not much of a mascara wearer nowadays, so I am not sure if I would reach for this mascara to be honest, whilst it did not do too well for my straight lashes, it may work well on someone with naturally curly lashes.

*Products featured were provided for editorial purpose

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