DIY Milk Tea with Pearls

I've never really been big on happy cup because I have a habit of taking a bottle of water everywhere I go.

But i like making bubble milk tea at home, and knowing what i'm putting in my body.

I bought a packet of tapioca pearls, they can be found at pretty much in any Chinese grocery stores.
depending on how much you use, one packet is equivalent to 4-6 serves for me. I like my pearls
Step 1:

Bring water to boil

Step 2
Once boiled put in desired amount of tapioca pearls in the boiling water
Step 3: cook till the pearls start to float up like in the pic below..
Step 4: take Pearls out and run it under cold water then rest it dry
Step 5: make your tea, put in the pearls LAST.
If you don't have a sweet tooth, use milk and condensed milk
If you like your sweets like me use milk, a teaspoon of sugar and some honey Once that's done spoon in the pearls!
Personally, I think it tastes better.. none of that watered down or powdered milk taste ;)


  1. Mmmmmmm that looks delicious!

  2. just found your blog a minute ago :)

    loveee bubble tea!

  3. OMG!!! I am such a bubble tea addict! I can literally live of it! Great idea of how you do it!!

  4. This is such a great idea! The bubble tea I usually get are so sweet and fattening!

    I never know where to get the tapioca pearls! I will definitely try this out!

  5. homemade bubble tea! i used to have bubble tea every day that was part of my uni life lol well that was years ago. there are many little bubble tea stores recently opened in hong kong, serving taiwanese premium tea plus other jelly thingy apart from the usual tapioca pearls :)


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