Crown Dragon Restaurant @ St George Leagues Club
Yesterday was my mum's 50th! She doesn't look 50 does she??

We went to the Crown Dragon Restaurant @ St George Leagues Club
We found this restaurant a few months ago and the whole family LOVES it!!! Oh and they serve yum cha in the morning.

What we ate

I don't even know what this is called, but it's tofu and seafood in a pot.
This is beef soaked in a shit load of chilli!
wow i suck at describing food.. i dont' even know what thi sis. but it's got all types of mushroom and prawns and that green thing..We had a fish as well but i forgot to take a pic of it :\

The restaurant itself is fairly luxurious, slightly more expensive than other asian restaurants.. around $18-$28/dish.. but i can assure you it's GOOD.

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  1. its past midnight and im getting hungry :)
    (can you hear my tummy?)

    id always get freaked out by the amount of chilli some of the dishes have. like, i cry in pain and my tongues swells up for 2days just with one chilli seed.

    maybe im allergic, but i used to eat alot of chilli, but now i dont/cant.

  2. Hehe, your mum does look young! I get that about my parents all the time as well. My work colleague asked if my dad was my boyfriend when he dropped me off at work once *eww*

    And you look great without makeup!

  3. cute photos, the food looks delicous.

    love your blog! :)
    -Audrey Allure <3

  4. Say no to Shark Fin, Say no to this restaurant.



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