Home Ice Cream: Surfs Up Bars (All pics clickable)

I buy a LOT of home ice cream i probably have eaten every flavour they have... I mean like 3 boxes of home ice cream every 2 weeks, one GIANT (around 60cm long and 30cm wide or so) chocolate Bavarian from Sara Lee outlet and a strawberry cheesecake.. but that's not ice cream..

Anyway, I thought i'd might as well start blogging about them. I got the Gluten free Surfs up bars a while ago.

You get 8 for $9

The white bits are french vanilla or something and the pink bit is coconut.

The flavour is ok, but the bar itself melt way too fast!

so here's what the bar really looks like...

And here's what they had on their website + ingredients and what not.


  1. Lol this ice cream is so unique looking! I have never seen a HOME ice cream pack before. I must look more carefully when I am at the supermarket next time!

  2. bowsnhearts: lol! home ice cream are the type of ice cream cars that comes around your street every fortnight. hmmm i think melbourne has it too, it depends on which st you live in i guess.. u can have a look at their site:



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