I haven't been on here in ages, but i'm always looking through everyone's blogs and make a comment every now and then.

But i'm still looking for a stable part time job.

I went to my friend's awesome 21st here's a pic.. I think i had one too many by then.
 I think over 60 people came, I was freaking out because i didn't know anyone except the girl who invited me (in white).. but i'm happy i met wonderful ppl! Oh and the theme was 80s bright and bold... but everyone just dressed... normal and there were these 2 guys who actually dressed according to the theme.. they felt like absolute idiots walking in, it was hilarious.


Oh! I just realised, us 3 girls are all holding champagne and the 4 boys all have beer in their hands.  Cliched!


  1. Hahaha! Aaw... I feel for those guys :) That's why you should always dress up, otherwise people who actually do get hugely discouraged next time theres a dress-up party XD

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