Another 21st!

You would NOT be able to believe HOW MUCH alcohol her mum provided... it was just endless boxes and bucket loads. endless... ENDLESS lol!

The party ended at around 1am... everyone went home (there were a lot of family members, her mum was soooo drunk it was hilarious)

me and a few other ppl decided to sleepover. the three of us slept on a beanbag for two people and shared 1 blanket. i thought i was gona wake up with a sore back but that was the most comfy drunk night i've ever had! BUT I woke up with a hole in my dress :(

I guess at least i didnt' wake up with bruises, cuts and bleeding fingers like last time. lol yikes

I got home not long ago, i am feeling bright and kicking! I regret not taking pics last night, I only took one... and it wasn't even with the birthday girl. oops!

Btw, i'm already 2 weeks behind on all of my classes lol fml


  1. Well, hey ^^ At least you had fun!!
    No facebook for 7 days o.O That's intense...Good job :P

  2. enough alcohol for you to pass out?! LILY! hahaha

    sounds like a totally fun night! :D

  3. Haha! Funny post. Reminds me of my teen days.

    Lots of love,

  4. i remember those days! sounds like a lot of fun :D


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