Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nine West Bounceback Pumps: Most comfortable heels ever!
I'm not a high heels girl, I'm few of the unfortunate ones to have sensitive feet, i get blisters from wearing kitten heels.

The night before my 21st birthday i thought to myself, I'm gona go out and get myself a pair of real high heels! So I grabbed my mate and his gf and out we went for late night heels shopping.

I didn't think we'd find anything... but an hour later we went into Nine West.
My mate's gorgeous gf Paola picked it out for me.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm 21

I turned 21 yesterday.
I didn't plan to do anything but my room mate was like "lil what are you doing friday?".."Uh.. going to work?" ...."no friday night" .... "watch tv??" ..."It's your 21st!! you HAVE to do something!"

So it was a rushed last min thing, i sent out the invites on tuesday morning and my birthday was friday... so i had a party at a Bar and had approx 35 guests.

Unfortunately i took about 10-15 shots and no idea how much drink i scold down.. I was GONE in 3.5hrs.

I don't remember half the night and apparently i made a fool of myself.

I honestly don't remember half the night, my room mate, her boyfriend and other other friend literally carried me home....I felt really bad because I got carried home at 9 and a lot of my friends came at 10.. and i weren't there  FML.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another 21st!

You would NOT be able to believe HOW MUCH alcohol her mum provided... it was just endless boxes and bucket loads. endless... ENDLESS lol!

The party ended at around 1am... everyone went home (there were a lot of family members, her mum was soooo drunk it was hilarious)

me and a few other ppl decided to sleepover. the three of us slept on a beanbag for two people and shared 1 blanket. i thought i was gona wake up with a sore back but that was the most comfy drunk night i've ever had! BUT I woke up with a hole in my dress :(

I guess at least i didnt' wake up with bruises, cuts and bleeding fingers like last time. lol yikes

I got home not long ago, i am feeling bright and kicking! I regret not taking pics last night, I only took one... and it wasn't even with the birthday girl. oops!

Btw, i'm already 2 weeks behind on all of my classes lol fml

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