Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taste of Shanghai-- World Square

I have one restaurant rule, that I never dine out for Chinese food because my mum used to be a chef... Why pay for something I can eat for free..-ish?

Here's how our family works, my mum used to be a chef. My grandma spent her whole career cooking in a 5 star hotel. My mum's little bro is a chef who expertise in Japanese cruisine. Some say I'm blessed, I think it might be a curse that I can't cook. It's a pity the skills didn't pass along the bloodline, the taste buds did though. 

My attempt to bribe my mum into having charlie and co burgers for lunch was an epic failure, so we had the next best thing. Some real, authentic Shanghainese cruisine!

Ice Lemon Tea (Comes with their lunch menu)

 Quite refreshing, a little bitter for my liking.

Walnut Parfait (Free with the lunch menu) 
Not very sweet but it felt "just right" ... might be my swollen gums but it lacked walnut flavour.

Shanghai Style Mini Steamed Pork Buns
 The BEST steamed buns, full of juice!

Dan Dan Noodle & Dumplings
 This was a part of the lunch menu, mum loved this, it was chili... chili enough to give me a numbing effect.

Shanghai Style Pan-Fried Pork Buns
NOMNOMNOMNOM. enough said.

A Taste of Shanghai Website: Click Me

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  1. oh my, that looks so yummy! This made me too hungry :P Thank god I'm not on a diet, reading blogs would totally ruin it!

    xxx irinja (

  2. haha wow that stuff looks delish! :]

  3. The steams buns look great and good to hear that they're full of soup! :)

  4. That looks so yummy. You are so lucky to have so many many people in your family with such great skills in the kitchen.

  5. it's so great that you have so many good cooks in your family. those steamed buns look amazing.

  6. yuuuuuuuummmmm im so jealous! this looks amazing. love your blog & now following =)


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