Chucking Old Make Up & September Empties

Once my thesis blow over I'll go through everyone's blogsposts. Promise. I'm DYING to procrastinate... but.. re-strain!

Anyway... here's a post
Mum has been pestering me to clean out my make up draw for... well, possibly the last year.

Like all mothers, it's what she does best.

It gets a little odd, sometimes. I confess that I listen to love song dedication fairly religiously, my heart and soul belongs in 80s & the 90s. I love my savage garden, tom jones, smiths, cranberries etc. See, mum doesn't understand music... instead, she said this to me.

"You need a boyfriend."
"You listen to that rubbish every night, It's depressing"

That actually prompt me to clean my draw.

Some Miscellaneous lip glosses & brushes. Never again will I ever buy cheap lip products. God knows what I'm eating.

I FINALLY finished using some products...
Softlips (French Vanilla): Love the menthol feel but didn't feel it was moisturising enough for my extremely dry lips.

Kakadoodle Dew Day Cream: Loved it! it did my skin justice. Only downside is that I can't get it here in Australia :(

Wella hair mascara: I got this in 4th grade, rest assured I haven't used it in the last 10 years. It's... pretty much a mascara... except for your hair. You can wash it off. I liked it. Not sure where you can get it now.

Bobbi Brown Intensive skin supplement: this was a serum sample I received. To be honest... I didn't feel like it did any difference to my skin. It had a rather alcohol-y scent to it that I dislike. It wasn't overly sticky though. Just didn't feel it worked for me. which is a shame because I love Bobbi's products...

Here's a close up of the hair mascara. Intrigued?

Everyday Minerals Lipbalm in Icing on Cake- Pretty colour, didn't do it for me in the moisture department.


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