Tuesday, April 17, 2018


My life changed when I discovered Foreo.

Prior to Foreo, I used my hands and various brushes that would eventually go mouldy to clean my face. My pores were always clogged and I could not achieve that deep cleanse.
When Foreo first came into my life, I didn't think I would continue to use it simply because I'm a creature of habit and I am lazy. Little did I know, I have now been using my Foreo every single day for almost a year.

As a beauty blogger, it is difficult to use the same product on a daily basis for a prolonged period of time because there are so many different products to try. But after using Foreo for 340 days I think it's safe for me to formally recommend it.

There are many versions of Foreo cleansing devices, so today I want to talk about the difference between Foreo's Luna Mini 2 and Foreo Play Plus. I consider these two as the most popular selections from their cleansing range.

  • T-Sonic Pulsations are diffused through soft silicone touch points to remove 99.5% of impurities
  • 2 zone face brush - the small brushes are designed for more sensitive areas and the bigger brushes are designed for a deeper cleanse such as your T-Zone
  • Battery Operated, replaceable AAA battery that can last approximately 400 uses. This is great because the Luna Play is not chargable. You may need a small screw driver handy to replace the battery though.
  • Available in 7 vibrant colours
  • 64 x 60mm - A travel friendly size, I would take my Play Plus on vacations and would probably leave my Mini 2 at home. 
  • Price point is at $75AUD 

  • T-Sonic Pulsations as per Luna Play Plus
  • 8 Adjustable intensities by pressing the +/- buttons, you can bring  the sonic vibration to a real slow mode or a more intense and rapid mode. 
  • 3 zone face brush. You will notice that the brush at the tip of the device is larger than the rest of the surface area. The back of the foreo (where the charger plugs in) is different again and much larger for thicker  touch points and a deeper cleanse. I personally like to use the brushes attached to the front of the device for most of my face.
  • Easy to Charge via a USB cable
  • Available in 6 shades
  • Price point is at $219, it is an investment, but I personally think it's worth it

  • BIG VS SMALL - Think about whether you will be using this predominantly at home or whilst traveling. If you travel a lot, are you willing to take a slightly bigger Foreo with it's cable with you? Also consider that if you are planning to use Foreo Play Plus at home, it may take a little longer to clean your face because it is much smaller. However, it is extremely travel friendly. 
  • ADJUSTABLE INTENSITIES - Is this important to you? Do you wish to adjust the pace of the pulsation? I personally put mine on rapid and rarely ever use the slower pace. 
  • 2 ZONES VS 3 ZONES - There is a large surface area on the back of Foreo Luna Mini for that DEEP cleanse, whereas the Play Plus posses a few row of bigger brushes. Is this important for you? For me, I actually rarely use the bigger brushes, I mostly find it awkward to use the bigger brushes on the back of the Mini 2 on my forehead due to the curvature of the device. 
  • BATTERY VS USB CHARGER - Personally, this one alone would affect what I chose to purchase. I am for a device that can be charged by USB all the way, I am exceptionally lazy when it comes to battery operated products, more than often, once the battery dies I would stop using it. 
  • PRICE POINTS - $219 is quite steep, it is an investment. $75 is more affordable. However consider the points above.
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  1. Ive had my Foreo Luna Mini 2 for almost a year and have never charged it (besides the initial charge) and it is still going strong! I use it most nights.. I have a Play (the small one) and I used it when I travel! It is such a handy little device! I also recommend it to people who don't want to fork out for the big one if they think they wont like it or won't use it.

    Mel x || Loads of Lifestyle


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