Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Concerto Restaurant Review - Sydney Olympic Park

Day two at stepford's wives-land, my apologies... that description doesn't do justice for Wentworth Point. Think of it as an artificial life size leggo land. The man-made everything is... madness. In the not so positive kind of way.

Anyway. I was craving pizza during the second day of training... but Lily is always craving pizza.
Alfresco dining... similar to Vucina Viscontini. Atmosphere and ambience of the restaurant was quite nice.

I didn't study the menu thoroughly as time wasn't a malleable factor. Though I knew the place was known for their pizza, so we dug in.

Reasonably priced for gourmet pizza, my friend and I shared a

The pizza was nice, thin based, crusty, topping was adequate but not generous. Flavour was true. Chicken was succulent and believe it or not, there were REAL mushrooms that I can see on the pizza without a magnifying glass. Kudos Concerto.

Again, it was a harsh Sunday morning, I wasn't nearly awake so I ordered a Capp. Worst coffee I've ever had. Watered down, no flavour... just.... some coffee and water. No froth.. just... blergh. Fail. 
Go for the pizza, not their coffees. They had a nice range of cocktails.. but after the coffee.. yeah... ambiguous. Might be watered down too.

On the flip side, service wasn't too bad.

Address: 21 Bennelong Rd  Homebush Bay NSW 2127

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