Monday, November 7, 2011

Cucina Viscontini Restaurant Review - Sydney Olympic Park

 I ventured to Wentworth Point for training a few weeks ago. My first time there and the place beats at the back of my head. It's similar to a compact life size resort in the middle of no where--- the vibe calls for stepford's wives, just replace the neat symmetrical houses with skyscraper like residency. To be blunt, it reminded me of a little secluded area/town for people who are attempting to shy away from the harsh reality of the outside world. Utopia? Not quite. Oh well, it's for those who are doing well, financially.

My friend and I came across Cucina Viscontini for lunch. There wasn't an abundance of options, it was either this or a dodgy looking cold sandwhich bar. 

The place possessed a friendly vibe, we were immediately greeted and seated. Customer service was at it's peak. Bread + Olive oil/vinegar dips (complimentary) were bought out for us to enjoy as we waited for our order. I must say.... it was good bread... coming from a person who hates white bread. Beats Xanthi's stale crisp of a bread. Olive oil was average, lacked the zing... perhaps more virgin next time?

Complimentary Bread (Sorry my crap phone was out of focus)

Complimentary Olive Oil & Vinegar Dip

Ravioli (Fetta & Spinach)

I had a spinch and fetta ravioli + a cup of capp. I'm not a coffee person but the capp was relatively strong, frothy and kept me awake, scold down after approx half a bowl of sugar. It was good coffee though.

My main was decent, but over priced. I would have preferred a thinner pastry for the ravioli but the meal sufficed, the favour was true. The tomato sauce possessed a hint of sweetness, went nicely with the savory taste of fetta and the sweet&sour of the cherry tomatoes. The prawns, or should I say... lack thereof....was indeed tender and succulent. However, out of the mere 4.5 prawns, one prawn was only partially de-shelled. I'm  not usually fussy about trivial things, I de-shell my own prawns at home. But since I was paying close to $30 for a small plate of food... I expect my prawns to be stripped naked.

Service is comparable to most top rated restaurants. Ambiance is not. Cafe/pub style... does not live up to the hefty price-tag.
Location wise, I wouldn't pick Waterfront for fine dining, but heck, what do I know? I'm just a broke, graduating uni student. 

Cucina Viscontini on Urbanspoon

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