Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lauren's 21st

My little Lauren turned 21, probably my most anticipated 21st birthday.  Lauren gave me six boxes of food when I lived alone and had a spag bol malfunction... and how do you win Lily over? Food. Duh. 

I think we were equally nervous regarding my attendance due to my lack of conduct and my anti-social-ness. I had no knowledge of anyone else at the ceremony.

 I was fortunate enough to venture down the same route with screeching kids to Stereosonic. I met the girl I were to bunk with that night.We spent roughly an hour dressing ourselves and unpacking. My countenance made Lauren laugh as I drew on her face. She was wearing a red Zara dress, so decided on a 70s retro-pin up.

I love Lauren's household, the variety of personalities falls in both ends of the pendulum, yet there's a real balance. We arrived at the venue. It was at Dundas I think. Too foreign to me, I've never been to that end of Sydney.

The celebration commenced. The first 2 hours were based on socialising. Where was I? Doing laps to the bar. I think I was pretty incoherent before the lights even dimmed, however I held the mentality that I can get ruin anyone else's party with my misbehaviour... but not Lauren's... god, I'm such a good friend. So, I spent approximately 45mins doing relationship consultations, all good fun... what else would I use my Psych degree for?
I have no idea who they are. I think that's my intoxicated face.

 Then the dancing begun. As the night went on more of her relatives found themselves in deep intoxication. Her aunts were hilarious, boogie-ing to MJ and the Beatles with me on the dancefloor, one girl swirled me so much I couldn't see straight. Guess I've ignited some sort of passion, synchronicity or lack there of for ridiculous dance movements.
The Birthday girl and the magnificent profiterole cake that I didn't get a taste of.

By the time the night ended, Lauren sat on the chair smiling at me like an idiot as I knelled on the floor with my hands on her knees mumbling gibberish to her. We got the car back to her place, Elizabeth and I rushed up stairs. She actually changed into her PJs, I, on the other hand had work the next day, so why not just change into my work clothes, right? Seems logical to me. We both crashed and fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.
I had a great night.

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