Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kelly's Bar & Grill - Bondi Junction

I received a sizable sum of gift vouchers so thought I'd take my birth giver to Bondi Junction, where I slave laboured for approx 1 year. She's not big on meat so I thought I'd spice up her papillae by suggesting pork ribs.... "mmm... ok..." she replied rather tenuously.

We were both pretty hungry by the time we arrived. Bread and butter was complimentary.. not sure if it's because I was hungry but god damn, that's the best tasting bread I've ever had.... oh so buttery! It the perfect combination of sweet and savoury.

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350gm Pork Ribs $27.95

Pork ribs were good, not amazing or anything like that. It didn't reach my expectation as no meat was falling off the bone. A little bit chewy, the sauce reminds me of the seasoned pork bits you get from chinese meat shops. Chips were fine, I liked the seasoning of the chips though... but nothing beats the parmesan and truffle chips from Charlie & Co! Decent serving for the price. It's probably comparable (Flavour-wise) to Hurricane's Bar & Grill... except there's a lot more meat on the ribs @ Kellys. Hurricane's ribs were pretty boney and skin-filled, equally tender... but not as tender as the ribs I had a Pancakes on the Rocks... now THOSE ribs had meat falling off the bone like a feeble being.

Caesar Salad $14.95

We were gonna go with an entree, main & a dessert but couldn't fit dessert in. Caesar salad was "average" best one I've had thus far was from the Bistro @ Bankstown RSL. The leaves were very crunch. There's just not enough flavour!

The lunch time service on the other hand was impeccable.

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