Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chat Thai Westfield Sydney Restaurant Review

Since I spent christmas and new years and most other days slave labouring away I called up my food buddy for a meal. We encountered immense difficulty while attempting to find a decent restaurant.

We were tossing up between the infamous one chef's hat restaurant Quarter Twenty One and Chat Thai....nothing on Quarter Twenty One's menu took my fancy so Chat Thai it was. I've had a relatively positive experience in previous times, so why not.

We began feasting at noon, the place was quickly packed an hour later (this was on a Monday by the way)
Prawns & Glass noodles

Pork belly & ginger + curry or something..

FISH, with a lot of chilli

Sorry guys, I was suppose to post this up a few weeks ago but didn't have time... I get an ear-full on my days off.. so I've forgotten what the dishes are actually called.

Lets just say that ALL of the mains we picked were extremely oily. The stomach was bloated and couldn't fit in dessert. I felt incredibly sick within 30mins of the meal. Having said that, it was enjoyable.. in a sick way. I just wouldn't order the same combination together, ever, again.

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