Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mazzaro Restaurant - Museum

 Tucked away near Museum station. I was impressed with the service and food the first time... I had to go back for seconds. Prior to Mazzaro's I was a cheap eater.... Guess that changed, since the only thing I'm willing to splurge on is food. Oh delicacy!

Duck Ravioli

Skipped entree this time, in my previous visit I had their deliciously crunchy and flavoursome garlic bread, just the right amount of herbs. Went straight onto main, got the Duck Ravioli ---$28.50 with white wine and wasabi sauce. Pastry wasn't as thin as I'd prefer, the duck was a little dry, stringy and lacking flavour. I don't think the filling was marinated. The sauce was creamy, with a hint of wasabi, minimal red wine.. just the right balance for me. But overall, I thought the main was a little disappointing and rather bland to be honest.

Previously, I ordered the Saffron Angel Hair $32-- with prawns, smoked salmon, spinach and chilli. Which was absolutely fantastic... huge meal and I almost OD on olive oil.

Honeycomb & marshmallow ice cream cake

Honeycomb and Marshmallow ice Cream Cake $12.50---- Let me start off by saying that Mazzaro's desserts are ... amazing. Just look at the picture above, it was intricate and crafty.. I guess. From the top, you get a dark chocolate fudge with a piece of toffee. The honeycomb marshmallow ice cream cake is layered, with a bottom of a short bread/biscuit crumb base. Some sour jelly to the left. Bit of blueberries and strawberries to the bottom. Topped off with some custard on the plate. This place is worth it just for the dessert, had the creme brulee... my taste buds has never been this excited.

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