George's Cafe - Burwood

I wondered off to Burwood, swore I'd never return to the hell-hole, perhaps I need to renew my vows.
We were allured into George's Cafe by their dessert visuals. Similar to a "milk-bar" booth setting, I actually quite like the tall back to back cushioned chairs.

Service was next to horrific. By the time we hailed down a waiter I was grey and old. I get a tiny bit concerned when my food is prepared and served by a bunch of 20yr old dudes. The guy at the bar saw me waving around but looked the other way, fuck I'm not that ugly.

Can't tell you what I ordered... but it was pretty much creamy sauce + mushrooms + chicken and penne, it was about $20. My friend ordered the same. 20mins later the waiter came out with our dishes, instead of the creamy penne, he gave my friend PESTO penne... I thought I had bad hearing... "Pesto" VS "The same"... I can't see it.

The waiter who took our order came around to question us, we reconfirmed that we ordered two of the same dishes. He brushed it off with a "Yeh ok, that's fine". Not apologetic at all. So... I sat there playing with my food, while offering some to my friend, I felt bad for eating while a friend sat there in starvation.

The second dish came out after another 20mins.

The food was less than average, generous servings but the penne was under-cooked. No true flavour all I could taste was cream. I actually felt quite sick half way through, the portion was tremendous that we had to ask for boxes to take home. Guess... value for money?

Oh not to forget, their cleanliness is also questionable. Our metal water jug had some baby-food equivalent mesh stuck on the inner rim of the mouth.

Won't be going there again.

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