Shiseido Autumn Launch: Shimmering Cream Eye Color

It's been a while since I've blogged a post on make-up, promise I will do that more often...

 I'm not being bias when I say that Shiseido's shimmering eye shadows are my all time favourite. Their new formula is super long lasting. I've gone through my fair share of eye shadows and they all either run, crease, smudge or all of the above. Maybe it's the humidity, maybe it's the retard formulation of my eye lids. I wear on my bird's grave that this doesn't run, smudge, crease, clump into balls or anything obscure. I love them so much I've ditched my eyeliner, if I need to line I'd grab a pot of these.

The texture is incredibly smooth and easy to work with. This stuff lasts on my lids ALL day and night. It's the only thing (and shiseido's mascara) I'd wear if I'm going to an event or on rainy/potentially rainy days. What I really loved from this line (previous launch) was the purple and the antique leather colour. Although I prefer the colour pay off more from the original cream colours, but the silkiness of this cream shadow definitely won me over. Few people felt that they've downsized from the previous pots, but there's no disparity in quantity. Another thing worth mentioning is that the new formula consists of jewel reflecting powder, great for gals who love their shimmer also an apposite match for matte lips.

 OR313 (Sunshower), PK 214 (Pale Shell), BL215(Ice)

Sorry, bad camera/lighting

 Ice is a crisp and some what metallic baby blue colour, I'm NOT a blue person... I'm boring with my eye shadows.. I only really only wear grey, browns some times purples and green is newly introduced. But theses are quite pretty all over the lid or as an eyeliner. It's actually more blue than this but again.. bad lighting

Sunshower--- Reminds me of a very warm, sweet salmony colour :)

Pale Shell-- Probs my favourite. You can use this on it's own or dab it on top of any other powder shadow for long-wearing + shimmer!



  1. Zomg ur bottom lashes are as long as ur top~~ XD

    Pretty colors <3


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