Ragu Pasta and Wine Bar - Westfield Sydney

I love my Italian food. I crave spag bol every two weeks. I remember making too much spag bol when I was house sitting and ended up eating spag every day for 2 weeks.

Once again, I passed on Quarter Twenty-One and went with Ragu instead.

Spaghetti Bolognaise-- $14

My dish came out within 10mins of ordering.... wtf... How can you cook a decent spag bol in 10mins!?!? Fair to assume that it's pre-made or partially pre-made.
I was surprised that they used real beef chunks, personally, I much prefer beef mince. Not enough sauce...whatever sauce that was splattered on this dish was quite awful, almost bitter. Spag was undercooked, VERY chewy. Serving was generous, it took me extra stomach space to finish it. Might opt for the carbonara next time. Actually, No, I won't be returning. I prefer spag bol @ Jamie's Italian to this. Still on the hunt for the best spag bol in sydney!

The friend ordered the above.. no freaking idea what the hell it was..... maybe baked veal stuffed with bacon and cheese with roast potatoes... think it was about $16

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