On Ramen - Haymarket

On Ramen is tucked away on the side strips of Central.
Roughly adjacent to Harry's Cafe De Wheels.

The compact yet homely restaurant never fails to greet their customers in a warm traditional japanese manner. This soon became one of my favourite "cheap-eats" meet up spot. Meals were generous and service is pleasant, what more can a girl as for? However, over the past 3 visits the quality of the food deteriorated. I believe I got the pork ribs ramen, the whole set cost about $12 (based on my shocking memory). The ramen was average... the egg was "odd".. usually they make delicious runny centered eggs but it was rubbery and inedible. The side entree was average. The salad, again.. inedible, it was dry, tasteless, the sauce was "funny". Did they change chefs??

I think I may revert back to Ramen Kan, a few dollars more but the quality of their food is up to scratch. Next time you head to Ramen Kan... may I suggest the  Salmon Salad... Thank me later.


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