Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Lipstick Review

In addition to the current line of 13 gorgeous shimmering lipstick, Shiseido welcome 7 new additions!

I've been using the slightly pinky shade from the original collection, always wanted to go a bit darker but RD 601 was little out of my comfort zone, so I'm eternally grateful that Shiseido bought out the new shades.

For the moment, I've only been able to capture 2 of their 7 shades on my camera (rest of the shades will be posted up later, except for PK214... my mother "borrowed" it:))

Left to Right: RS619 (Venus) & RD718 (Sugarplum)
I was ecstatic to see that they bought out RD 718 in lipstick format, I've been using Shiseido's RD 718 lip pencil for about a year now, it was pretty much the only colour I'd wear.

RD 718- Sugarplum
 It's a very warm tone, somewhere between brown and red. Though the picture came out more brown.

RS 619- Venus
I love this colour, it's so vibrant... this colour goes well with both netural or smokey eyes. The camera lightened the actual colour, it's a lotttt more brighter! I never thought I'd be able to pull off something so... "exuberant".. this colour is very wearable, simply ensure the appropriate use of a lip brush around the border of your lips.

Overall, I've been very impressed with shiseido's shimmering lipsticks. The shimmer is amazing, the colour pay off is highly adequate, texture is super creamy (It does keep my lips moisturised for a few hours-- this is a lot longer than other lipsticks I've used--- however I would still strongly encourage generous coats of a good lip balm [may I suggest Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour balm] prior to your lipstick application.. just to insure that your lips won't start chapping throughout the day.)

Does it last? Yes it does, long enough! Although like any other lipstick it will wear off after eating and drinking, the pearlescent coating will diminish somewhat but not completely. It'll leave you with a nice tint. One thing worth mentioning is that these lipsticks won't set in your lip crease!!!! (I absolutely hate that about other lipsticks I've tried). Do they bleed after a while? Yeh they do, but it's not severe in comparison to a few other cheapies I've tried... this issue is counteract-able by the use of a good lipliner (Shiseido also make brilliant lipliners, It really works!). This lipstick also claim to have lip plumping effect.. although I didn't "feel" any typical menthol plumping "effect" I did notice my lips to be fuller (maybe the illusion of the smooth texture + shimmer?).




  1. Venus is great! I've got that too : )


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