Happy Chocolates and Rabbit Day!

Taking anti-social to a new level. Fear.
L asked me to go on facebook chat so she can send me an instant link the other night. I hesitated and finally popped on to check the links. Within 5 minutes, a new window popped up "Hey" from my fellow peer. My heart pounded in quick avoidance.

As I was on the phone to L, I gasped...
"I'm gonna go offline.. someone is talking to me on facebook chat.... *clicks offline* that's better"
"mm someone's trying to be social"

I've been extremely keen for this long weekend. 3 days off work and no uni = win! But I'll need to complete quite a few assignments and cram for anatomy... *sigh* BUT STILL GOOD :)

My plans to the fish market has been postponed to tomorrow... and I cannot wait for this... degustation at A Quarter Twenty One on the 17th, man, I live for fine dining.

Found this pic I made for a friend in my previous photobucket account. I love going through old things. Enjoy your holiday guys!


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