Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush Review

I first started wearing foundation because of my job a year ago. I didn't have a lot of tools so I always applied my foundation with my fingers... some times palms, that's the pivot of lazy and being late.

A few months in, I finally decided to get a brush. I got a regular foundation brush it was "OK" but streaked.

6 months ago, I was introduced to my first ever flat top foundation brush....

Holy shit. I will never apply my foundation with anything else again.

I haven't used any other flat top brushes previously, so I don't have anything to compare it to. But I am very very happy with this brush. The bristles are synthetic (smoother application) and are extremely dense so it will blend out the foundation evenly. I usually take quite a bit applying foundation and making feeble attempts to even it out... you won't have that issue with this brush. Go through it once and it's done, fast and easy! I can see why it's called "Perfect Foundation Brush now, this baby gives the perfect, none-cakey coverage!

I use this brush for my liquid foundation and powder foundation. Apparently this brush is also great for cream and stick foundation (haven't tried yet). The bristles are designed on a slight tilt so you can get the tricky parts like the edge of your nose and under eyes.

 Size wise, it's quite petite but big enough to do the job! The only downside is hygiene.. because the brush is so dense particles get caught and accumulate at a rapid rate... so you'll need to clean it regularly (shedding is very very minimal, I wash it on a regular basis and have been using this brush for at least 6 months the brush is still as dense as I first got it.) This tool is never leaving my stash,  highly recommended!



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