Quarter Twenty One

What can surpass a one chef's hat, Justin North restaurant?!

We hung around peeking at the menu before we finally decided to make a booking celebrating my year(s) long achievement. Among other "high-end" dining, I still think Westfield is a strange setting for a one chef's hat restaurant. We got the window seat, watching people kick box and try to lose weight in the opposite building wasn't much of a scenery.

Our waitress was fantastic. She was sweet, patient and had the most genuine smile. She made us feel homely and welcome. Can't say the same for the second waitress, her tone was rather abrupt (sounded like an obnoxious, failed lecturer) and quickly rushed to the next table to share her laughter and inquisitive nature... need I to say?.. with four well scrubbed and suited young men. Not the sort of behaviour I expected to see in a one hat restaurant.

Luckily their food made up for it.
Top Right:
Pan seared Hiramasa kingfish, Jerusalem artichoke, ham hock & Brussel sprouts. (Around $42 mark). Fish cooked to perfection, juicy, crisp skin. The sides were absolutely delicious.. I'm salivating as I type. I don't know what they do to their potatoes... but it's bloody tasty.

Bottom Right:
I can't remember the beef dish my friend had.... I think it's cow's shin, and back?? Couldn't be wrong... with .. potato, mushrooms, scallop, spinach and mash (Around $45 mark). That mash was AMAZING! Beef was very tender also!

Top Left:
Soufflé du jour $17 -- Lemon zest souffle.. not my favourite... my friend ended up eating most of it. Base was custard and brownie bits. I really enjoyed the ice cream... can't remember what it was.. maybe pistachio and hazelnut?!

Bottom Left:
Warm 68% Alto Beni Zokoko chocolate pudding, honeycomb & pear sorbet $19--- If you're a chocolate lover, this is a must. Centre with warm and running chocolate... nomnomnom

I will be returning for the degustation!

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