What you should've done to piss the crap out of your Ex

Sorry I've been turning this blog into a personal blog again... let me talk about something that's widely applicable to the general population.

I've been hearing out two friends who recently came out of a relationship, I don't sugarcoat, so everything I'm writing here, I told them. I don't usually take things seriously nor do I usually stick my nose into other people's relationship(s). But I thought this was blog-worthy. I've seen SO many people do it.*guilty*

One thing that continues to phase me in 21st century break up(s) is the amount of mutual loathing. If I got a dollar for every time I hear someone say this, I'd be snoop dogg.

"She/He should've done this this this and that and tried harder to please me, I'm so angry/hurt/heartbroken" followed by "Good thing I didn't like him/her as much, I'm gonna fuck this guy/chick next week to get back at him/her, I win, sucked in to him/her" <-- or something along that line.

Right, Shut up, you're the sore loser.. and I will justify in a minute. If you think relationships are about winning then you should reconsider your date next week. If you think it's about who can be the worst, reconsider throwing your cat or snake around. Do us all a favour and stay the fuck away from the opposite sex. We don't want your baby eggs/gravy. You didn't triumph, he/she did. Banging that manwhore/slut is self destructive. That's not getting back at her/him, It's bullshit, you know nothing. You know what would've really pissed them off? If you gave it your all, if you be the best of yourself and tried as hard as you could in that relationship, so when that girl/guy leaves you, you will be damn sure that you were the best thing they could've had. Now that, my friend would stay with them for the rest of their miserable lives. Try it next time, go listen to Radiohead, what did you think High and Dry was all about?

Alright, I'm gonna go read some anatomy. I promised myself this morning that I'd memorise all of the muscles/orientation of the upper limb and torso by tonight.


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