On Ramen - Haymarket - Revisit

It's been roughly 6 months since my last visit to On Ramen. I was kindly invited back by the shop owner. I was impressed with the overall improvement; ambiance, furnishing, interior decor, expanding menu and quality of food. Needless to say, service was friendly and warm as always.

(Sorry about the fuzzy photos guys, i forgot to put it on light mode)

My first time trying Calpis water... my friend ordered it, I'm not experimental enough to order various forms of water from any menu. But this was quite refreshing, essentially, non-fizzy lemonade. I'm not big on fizzy drinks so this was great. In addition to this newly discovered Calpis water, On Ramen is now serving table water with a hint of lemony zest (real lemons).

Serving was quick. Agedashi tofu for entree, I'm sold. I will be eating lots of agedashi from now on. Tofu was deep fried and cooked to perfection, corresponds nicely with the sauce. We both took a bite, looked up at each other and smiled. Ronan Keating was right, you say it best when you say nothing at all, especially when making food references.

I was surprised and excited to see their new menu. I love bentos and I love unagi. In my previous  review, I mentioned the changes in their salad sauce... well guess what.. it's back to exactly how I remembered when I first tried it, delicious. Always been a fan of their sausage and mustard combo + fish flakes & octopus balls (I think that's what they are).
 Unagi was tender, flavoursome and fresh. Miso was.. well miso is miso, You can't go wrong with miso.

Overall, bento was satisfactory, however, at 19.95 it's probably leaning towards few of the more pricey bento's I've tried. Nonetheless, keep in mind (and take advantage of) their new promotions;

  • For Students:  10% off, daily from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.  
  • Monday Night Ramen: From 6pm. 10% off any Ramen noodle, Set or Bento.

Kids, keep a keen eye on On Ramen, I think this little gem across the road from Capitol has returned.

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